Highland Park Jewelries: What Are Loose Diamonds?

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Diamonds are still in demand that’s why the price doesn’t go down. They are loved by many and the demand keeps the price expensive. Next time you buy your diamond try getting loose diamonds, they can be a good choice since they are often sold in wholesale diamond stores. This means you can get them at a more affordable price. Check on the loose diamonds in Highland Park by visiting several diamond stores near your area. 

Are Loose Diamonds Valuable In Highland Park?

A loose diamond’s value is evaluated by the attributes. It’s just like diamonds that are pre-set on jewelry, the only big difference between the two is that loose diamonds are not attached to any metal yet. This means every corner of the diamond can be evaluated and can really see its actual value. Some inclusions can not be seen if the diamond is already mounted to a metal, however, with a loose diamond, you can see every inclusion it has.   

How Do You Pick A Loose Diamond?

Here are some things to check when buying diamonds:


Always check on the certification of the loose diamonds you are buying. They should come with a certificate since this can prove the authenticity of the diamond. So before you purchase, ask your seller if they have certification for their diamonds and also find out who evaluated their diamond minds. The most popular and reputable diamond laboratories are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). If they have their diamonds evaluated by either of the two then you are safe. 

Diamond Shape 

The best-selling diamond shape is the round brilliant diamond since it gives the most sparkle but is also the most expensive. If you want something more affordable, an oval, princess cut or cushion can be a good choice for loose diamonds. You can also opt for other shapes as long as the 4cs are good and not the too low-grade diamond. 


Budget is important when planning to buy loose diamonds since they are pricey. Before setting aside your budget, it will be wise to check the market price of loose diamonds so you will have an idea of how much budget you would need. Each shape, size, and carat of diamond comes at different prices, that’s why you have to determine the diamond you want. Once you have a budget you can focus more on the loose diamonds within your budget. 

Diamond’s 4cs

Diamonds are determined by their 4cs color, clarity, cut, and carats. Be familiar with these 4cs so you can be able to make a list of the details of the diamond you want to buy. Take note of the color grades, clarity grades, carats, and cuts. 

How To Buy A Loose Diamond In Highland Park?

Buying is easy; you can just bring your budget, enter a store and pick any diamond you wish. However, as a wise buyer, you can allot time to be able to know where to buy best. Since there are several diamond stores in Highland Park that offer loose diamonds. Start doing your research about the diamond store so you can pick which one to visit. Or you can also hop from one store to another to do window shopping and compare the quality and prices of the diamonds in each store. This is also a good way to observe how the seller entertains and discusses with you the details of their diamond. 

Here are some tips on how to get the best deal on loose diamonds:

Know the average pricing of loose diamonds so you can negotiate with your diamond dealer when you buy. 

  • Visit shops during the off-peak season for diamonds so you can pick from the best choice and not from the ones left from the sale period or holidays. 
  • Check on the diamond dealers’ tools, if they have the right tool in checking the diamonds. At Least they can be able to demonstrate the attributes of their diamonds. 
  • Deal with diamond dealers who have in-house geologists since they are skilled enough to point out the beauty and properties of the diamond you want to buy. Plus they can give a good recommendation on which is best. 

Now that you have been enlightened about Highland Park Jewelries: What are loose diamonds? Then you can now use the tips given to find the right diamond and diamond store for you.