Lifewave MLM Business Review – Scam Or Legitimate Opportunity?

The Company

Lifewave is a network marketing company that is based in La Jolla, Ca. David Schmidt is the founder and CEO of the Lifewave company. The company has been around for a hand full of years. Dr. Steven Haltiwanger MD, CCN is the Health and Science Director. Richard Quick is the Athletic Director. Lifewave also has offices in Taiwan, the Philippines and in Hungary.

The Products

Lifewave has several products that are non-transdermal patch systems and also Lifewave Plus Homeopathic Medicine. The patches are placed on specific accupoints on the body and supposovely communicate with the human body. They have a wide variety of patches that do everything from increasing energy (the energy patch), weight loss, (the SP6 patch) a pain patch (the Icewave patch), anti aging (the Y-Age patch) and a sleep patch (the Silent Nights patch) and also several of the Lifewave Plus Homeopathic Medicine.

The Compensation Plan

Lifewave’s compensation plan is fairly easy. It is a binary compensation plan that requires you to sponsor 1 distributor on your right side and one distributor on your left side. Binary compensation plans are very popular in the MLM-Network marketing industry and quite frankly that is the only compensation plan that I like to work.

Here is my Summary

In closing I must say that Lifewave is not a scam in fact there products a very unique. However with that said there are always five things’s that I personally review.
1. The Company must be appealing to you as a Network marketer.
2. The Company must be owned and managed by honest people
3. There must already be a demand for the product (otherwise you and your downline will have to create that demand and that is very hard to do)
4. The compensation plan must be fair to all distributors across the board and it must reward the overachievers.
5. The company must have something that sizzles, something that stand out from the crowd.
For this reason, if you want to thrive in the MLM industry, it is critical that you offer a product that is unique and one of a kind. It has to be something of use that people will consume month after month, but something unique. This will ensure that you will have interested prospects and therefore sales.

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