A Comprehensive Guide to Online Reputation Management


Online reputation management (ORM) is used to seize control of online conversations. The applied techniques and action plan make sure that individuals get the relevant materials whenever they search on the internet. It can involve blog articles, news stories, open records, and web-dependent social media profiles, among other things. The action plan entails improving or re-structuring your brand’s exceptional standing.

This is achieved through countering, weakening, or removing the negative content posted on the internet and conquering it with positive or neutral content to boost your validity of your brand. Among the primary goal of this approach is to strengthen and promote your positive online appearance. Another objective is to protect your business from suspicious activities and individuals on the internet. If you are launching a new product, you want to gain a positive reputation online, and that is why many companies are embracing this approach.

As for the basic practices used in online reputation management, you can keep tabs on online conversations to give prompt feedback. Tracking the discussions about your brand on social media platforms and review websites can help you assess the public’s perception of your company. Through this strategy, you can build a positive profile where the goal is to place your company in the best light as a knowledgeable and experienced stakeholder in the market. It is also imperative that you know your target audience. By determining your potential clients, you can assess how best to interact and get through to them.

There are many benefits associated with online reputation management, including an easier approach to dispute resolution. By adopting ORM as a viable strategy for your business, you gain the ability to address negative reviews as soon as they are posted online. You get the privilege of essential feedback immediately. When it comes to building trust, you can apply this action plan. People prefer to weigh the opinions of people who have had an encounter with your brand before deciding on further involvement with your brand.

Regardless of the size of your company, positive feedback on multiple sites can increase your chances of wooing potential customers. Also, an increase in the number of positive reviews results in more clients and, in turn, boosts your sales. Therefore, through this strategy, you can increase your profit margin. In most scenarios, companies such as Status Labs, which deals with online reputation management, implement search engine optimization strategies to control or handle an organizational or individual brand.

They can also assist you in the promotion of your new product in the market through your social media presence. When working with these companies, it is vital to embrace the changes that may be incorporated into the strategies.

A Brief History
Status Labs has achieved greater and greater heights in matters concerning online company reputation management. The company is operational in more than 40 states, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Austin, and London. Its efforts have been publicized in the New York Post, New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, DuJour Magazine, The Daily Beast, and many more.

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