Business Secrets Revealed: 5 – Business is Distribution

Meaning of business:

We have been trying to find out the real meaning of business. We could understand that business is production initially and service oriented subsequently. All businesses are concept based. However, some people sell only concepts or ideas as their products. Most of the people develop certain special skills and apply them in their jobs. Job is not a business, but sure to be a part of the business. One should occupy a job or business activity to keep him busy and it becomes the real meaning of business.

Product, Service, Concept and Skill are Ready:

Now, we are in production. We have all the necessary inputs for producing the commodity. We produce and keep them well packed. The production is going on and we are now piling up the stock.

Again, we have developed a skill and we have potential power of servicing. We need to extend the service to the people.

We are capable of developing ideas or concepts through logical thinking and brain storming sessions. The ideas are good and they are ready for implementation. You must sell them to the people in need.

You are also a highly skilled person and ready to occupy a job to become busy. You will become very active and busy to prove the meaning of business. You need to enter into a job.

Convert Them into Money:
The products, services, concepts and skills are ready for conversion into money. You had invested a good amount of money in developing these commodities and securing the skills. They are worth to be exchanged for money. However, they are going to be idle at home, industry or office if you do not make it available to the right people in the right place! These products should reach the people who are in need of them.

Distribution is the Secret of Business:

Here comes the role of distribution of commodities and services. We may call this distribution in so many words based on the circumstances. Barter, exchange, Sales, marketing, merchandising, trading, export and import are very common words associated with business dealings.

The products are exchanged for other goods, services or money as a medium of exchange. Based on the volume of business, the exchange of goods for money is termed a small business or trade, a retail business or a wholesale trade, sales, marketing, import, export etc.

Millions of Products, Services and Concepts:

In product-oriented businesses, there are millions of products wanted by millions of people in various forms.
There are similar products in each sub category. Moreover, different kinds of people like different kinds of products.
Similarly, there are services, concepts and skills, which should reach the needy people in the needy places.

Move Them to people:

We distribute the products to reach the needy people in this wide world. The products should move from the place of production to the people at home through street vendors, retail shops, super markets, wholesale distributors, carts, tempos, trucks, boats, ships, airships, cargo movers in all possible media of transport on land, water and air.

The services should follow the supply of products or machines mostly at the place of their utilization. The concepts or ideas should reach the people for their application in the up gradation of their knowledge and techniques for their business or career development.

Convert Products to Money:

Now,please find out the right channel for distribution of your products and display them in the right place with selling atmosphere. The distribution is a very important factor that decides the conversion of your product into money. This starts from street selling to international marketing.

You will understand now that conversion of your money into a product was not so difficult. However, conversion of your new product into money, of course with a little extra profit is not so easy. You need to know a number of simple business techniques. You will master them and in course of time, making money by selling your products becomes easy and automatic.

To occupy a place in the job market is also needs proper distribution of your resume to a targeted group of companies. You will get it when your skill is noticed. Be assured.

Just follow the business principles; nothing can stop you earning a big market and money!

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