Digital Magazines: A New Way to Grow Your Business Presence

Today the Internet has changed not only how people access & use the information but also their routine. The number of options when it comes to data sources has significantly multiplied over the last few years and most of them are only a click away. The type of customer that used to be loyal to only one or two information channels has today been replaced by an enthusiastic, demanding and more updated reader expecting to get the latest information quickly.

Digital magazine delivers several advantages, your content can be assembled into publications that can;

Be Auto-update making sure the latest and most updated content is instantly available

Be Built in seconds

Be published everywhere

Be where your audience is present

Encourage a better user engagement

Enjoy a higher click through efficiency

Extract value of archived content

Improved advertising opportunities

Native Apps

Turn your readers into distributors/ editors

Introducing a digital magazine can benefit your business in several ways. They make a significant impact in your content distribution and other marketing plans on your content and the provisions of online traffic to your business.

The 6 benefits of digital magazines for your business are-

Global Audience Reach

With digital publishing, you get the benefit of reaching more readers beyond regional boundaries. It has become an influential way of retaining the interests of readers and maintains loyalty even when readers have shifted somewhere else. Readers can have access to the digital edition of the magazine.

Quick Publishing and Distribution

This type of publications helps in reaching and engaging more audiences in a short time. According to a survey, approx. 58 percent of digital magazine readers study their edition at the same day they get it.

Reduces Revenue Loss From Unsold Inventory

This publishing allows you to sell your latest issue copies without having the logistics and expense associated with unsold copies.

Better Awareness of Your Readers

For better customer satisfaction it’s very important to have a two way communication. With the assistance of e-publishing software, publishers can easily track how a reader is engaging with a digital magazine based on tracing every click. Tracked information can act like a captured data that can be used in identifying most chosen topics by the readers, and thus gives publishers the opportunity to proactively improve future publications to meet the reader’s interests.

Measure Advertising Goals

With the advancement in technologies of ad-management and ad-serving, now it’s possible to know how many readers actually clicked on the hotlink given in the advertisement. There is even flexibility to add rich media into content using sound, video and interactive links, offering the reader an experience to watch a commercial and read more about the advertiser online, simultaneously, without opening a separate window and look for the advertiser or the product. According to a survey, approx. 73 percent of people reading online journals are likely to pay attention to the ads, by either reading the content or tapping on them.

Flexibility for Magazine Content

Often, one of the limitations that publishers have to work around is an inflexible layout of content, which is usually prolonged by the total number of pages fixed for a magazine. While in e-magazines, number of content pages can be increased without reducing the text to properly fit in the expected format or changing the layout. Also, there is no extra cost for printing or paper by including more pages to the online journals.

In today’s digitally driven society, more and more people are using smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. That’s why it’s important for businesses to adopt new changes and technologies to continue to succeed and exploit the ever-growing online world and the several benefits that it entails.

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