Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Business and Opportunity Review

For many individuals who are own a business, cleaning their carpets is not only a necessary business expense, but it can also pay dividends in providing an attractive business setting for customers. That is why owning and operating a carpet cleaning franchise can be the answer for anyone seeking a long term and prosperous business opportunity. One such franchise is the Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Business.

Many carpet cleaning business use harsh chemicals that can leave harmful or toxic chemicals behind, which can be dangerous for children and pets. However, what makes the Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Business so attractive and unique is the fact that is it Eco friendly. The company claims to have produced a revolutionary system for cleaning carpets as a result of their commitment to being green and environmentally friendly. That revolutionary cleaning method involves using an oxygenated cleaning system, which basically means it uses oxygen. Oxygen, by the way, is natures #1 enemy of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it stands to reason if you want to clean, and to kill germs, inject oxygen, which is apparently what the Oxi Fresh Cleaning system is all about.

This particular franchise is a legitimate small business and may be operated by an individual, a family, or business partners. In addition, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has been reviewed and rated highly by such publications as Entrepreneur Magazine and Franchise Business. The Oxi Fresh headquarters are located in Lakewood, Colorado, where they frequently hold something which they call “Discovery Day”, where prospective clients have the opportunity to find out first hand if the business is right for them. And for those individuals who end up deciding to purchase an Oxi Fresh franchise, there is a 2 day training program held at the headquarters, and utilizing the Oxi Fresh operations manual as well as well as a number of vendor materials.

Oxi Fresh franchise opportunities come with protected territories because the company believes in protecting it’s clients. However, the cost is not inexpensive to get obtain a franchise or multiple franchises. The cash required for just one single franchise is listed as $28,900 as an initial investment, with a total investment of somewhere between $33,495 – $55,950. Still, once setup, with a lot of hard work, an Oxi Fresh franchise could be a sensible and profitable business opportunity for anyone who is not afraid of physical labor and hard work.

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