The Different Kinds Of Forklifts And The Benefits That They Offer

The commonest kind of forklifts out there is warehouse forklifts. You would see these at most forklift sales. They can be seen in almost all job sites and factories too. They usually have some prominent features such as lifting capacity, stability, and load centre. These are exceptional options for unloading and loading deliverables. You can also use them for carrying inventory across your storage zone. It can move goods such as pallets with ease over short distances. They can carry anywhere up to 5 tonnes. They are the best options for indoor work. You also get warehouse forklifts like side loaders that work well in narrow areas.

  • Rough terrain forklifts:

The rough terrain forklifts are a great option for forklift hire. The companies usually design them in such a way that they can work on uneven surfaces, which makes them the ideal options for outdoor usage. They come with the thick pneumatic tyres that you usually see in the tractors. This makes sure that they can work just as fine on slippery and wet surfaces losing no grip. The likes of sharp rocks and nails cannot also puncture them. These tyres lend you stability when you are operating the forklift on an uneven surface with heavy loads.

  • Telescopic forklifts:

A lot of companies go for such forklift sales. This is because these machines combine the functionality of a crane with a forklift. They are also referred to as tele trucks or reach forklifts. They come with extending arms and booms. Thanks to the extending arm, such a machine can easily reach a great distance into the posterior portions of delivery trucks. This is also one reason these forklifts are better than the conventional ones for lifting materials farther and higher. Most of these machines can lift heavy loads to a height of 55 feet.

  • Reach trucks:

A lot of companies opt for reach trucks when they go for forklift hire. People know them as reach-trucks because they can extend the forks beyond the stabilizing legs and access even the most difficult-to-reach places in the racks. Therefore, they are used so much in the warehouses. They function well in areas where there is otherwise not a lot of space to move around. Therefore, they can manoeuvre so easily in the narrow aisles of most warehouses. It also helps that they can lift loads to heights taller than 10 metres. Their low clearance also makes them ideal for the warehouses.

  • Industrial forklifts:

Industrial forklifts are also a popular option for forklift sales. This is because of the enormous capacity that they can lift. This is also the major reason people have dubbed them large-capacity forklifts. As the name would suggest, they can lift a lot heavier than the standard machines in this context. They can lift them a lot higher too. Most of the models in this range can lift at least 30,000 pounds! However, compared to the likes of tele-trucks they cannot access the tight angles or even lift that way.


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