What is SharePoint Content Management System?


The content management system is a tool which allows you to manage and share your documents, images, videos, etc., online. Content management systems (CMS) are a set of tools that facilitate the management of content across various web applications and services. Content management systems have become popular among small and large organizations as they provide easy and quick sharing of content between different users.

How to Choose a Content Management System?

SharePoint has become the most popular CMS. The main reason behind this is that it offers an integrated set of features that makes it easy for users to create and share their content. You can also manage your content by adding, deleting or updating files through the SharePoint user interface. There are some other features that make it the most preferred CMS. Content management systems are available in various types. They range from free open-source software to the paid premium version. SharePoint is one of them.

Content management systems (CMS)

Content management systems (CMS) are very important for every website. A website with good CMS is easier to maintain and offers more flexibility. However, not all CMSs are equally good. You need to know what features you require for your website so that you can choose the right CMS. You should also know about the pros and cons of each CMS so that you can make an informed decision.

Web hosting service the first step in building a website is to obtain a web hosting service. Web hosting services are either shared or dedicated. A shared hosting service provides the website files and databases on a single server, allowing several websites to be hosted on the same server. In comparison, a dedicated hosting service provides the website files and databases on a separate server, which means that only one website can be hosted on the server at a time.

SharePoint offers the best online platform

SharePoint offers the best online platform for data management. It can be used for managing all types of data from simple documents to complex business data and even data like images, videos, spreadsheets etc. If you are looking to manage your data through a web portal then SharePoint is an ideal choice for it. SharePoint comes with lots of pre-built functionalities that help you manage your data with ease. But there are some areas where SharePoint falls short. For instance, if you need to create an application that integrates with other systems or applications, then you will have to go through a lot of manual work.

This is where the concept of the SharePoint App comes into play.

What are SharePoint Apps?

In SharePoint, apps are basically web parts that are created by developers and can be deployed in SharePoint. These apps can be developed using Visual Studio, ASP.NET, C++ or any other language as long as they are compatible with the.NET framework. You can use SharePoint apps for creating custom solutions that integrate with other applications and systems. You can also create apps to interact with SharePoint development itself and provide a better user experience.

How to Create a SharePoint

App SharePoint apps can be created by SharePoint administrators or developers who have sufficient knowledge of the.NET platform. Before you can start developing a SharePoint app, you need to install Visual Studio on your system. For more information about installing Visual Studio, check out this article. Once you have Visual Studio installed on your computer, you can start developing a SharePoint app.


There are a lot of things on offer by this amazing online data management tool called SharePoint. Al Rafay Consulting has a team of experts who are working to increase the productivity of the work project of their clients saving them time and money. If you feel like have a piece of professional advice, contact us.

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